Best Beaches Puglia

Summer has finished, but we are still in need of a nice day of relaxation and fun at the beach, maybe in one of the gorgeous spots of Salento or why not even on the Gargano peninsula.

Today we will discover the ten most beautiful beaches of Salento! Here’s the list of the best destinations for sea lovers:

Baia dei Turchi: takes its name from the Turkish invasion during the sixteenth century, which was aimed at converting people to Islam. The free beach is of great interest from a naturalistic point of view.

Torre dell’Orso: the myth says that two young girls, bathing in the sea during a storm, died in the attempt to save themselves. The sacrifice struck the gods and, in remembrance of the fact, they shaped two sea stacks in a way that they looked embraced with one another.

Lido degli Angeli: stunning sea and sand, especially when the wind blows from the North. The water becomes quickly deep which makes it perfect for swim lovers.

Porto Selvaggio: water is simply gorgeous, the beach is rocky. The cliffs are noteworthy too for their beauty.

Pescoluse: water and sand are truly incredible, so as to be compared to the Maldives. There is a free beach equipped with basic facilities.

Ponte Ciolo: a deep gorge, with a long stone staircase to reach the sea. What makes it even more special is a cave which is accessible only by sea.

Porto Badisco: in this place the vicissitudes of the Aeneid take place within a beautiful scenery. The graffiti in the Deer Cave, are perfect for lovers of symbolic places. Even the sand and the rocks, together with the water, offer a unique natural setting.

Punta Pizzo: it is a place of Caribbean appearance, which is also a protected area, where sand, rocks, crystal clear water and a pine forest, create a place of unique beauty for a day of relaxation.

Roca Vecchia – Cave of Poetry: in this corner of Salento, the small coves and the archaeological park offer a unique scenery, allowing the visitor to immerse himself in the traditional “Messapi” daily life, the antique population of the region . The beauty of the Cave of Poetry is also unforgettable.

Torre Sant’Andrea – Conca Specchiulla: we conclude our overview with a lovely rocky place, where the stacks embrace the clear waters.

Castel del Monte, Puglia: between Fibonacci, esotericism and history

Castel del Monte, Puglia: between Fibonacci, esotericism and history.

Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Castel del Monte was built by Emperor Federico II in the thirteenth century, 18 km from the town of Andria, Puglia.

Castel del Monte has been studied by historians, architects and mere observers, based on very different assumptions and beliefs, sometimes irreconcilable: some see it “simply” as a magnificent building, a masterpiece of style, a comfortable mansion; others consider it a temple of high spirituality, an esoteric book, the culmination of the initiatory knowledge.

Castel del Monte is affected by the legendary and totalizing personality of Federico II and everything in the castle is based on the magic number 8. Moreover, the castle has many symbolic, mathematical and geometrical matches. The floors, fireplaces, windows, everything seems to follow the sequence of the famous mathematician Fibonacci.

References to astronomy are not missing: the columns at the entrance have two lions, one of them looks exactly in the direction where the sun rises during the winter solstice, while the other looks in the direction where the sun rises during the summer solstice.

If you go to Apulia, do not miss the opportunity to visit this magic castle!